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A new program providing one-on-one mentorship to Young Artists (both AGMA members and non-members). Each Young Artist is paired with a more experienced AGMA soloist to help them navigate their YAP training and the early stages of their career, and develop an understanding of how our union works. Our detailed program and application info can be found here!


Please send us an email at: 

youngartistmentorship@gmail.com if you would like more information on being involved as a mentor or mentee.



The Soloist Coalition Young Artist (SCYA) Forum is led by a group of passionate current and recent young artists crafting creative solutions to the complex problems in the lives of young artists.


The SCYA is committed to helping modernize the American Young Artist System. By bringing together AGMA and non-AGMA young artists, it intends to use bargaining and policy-making strategies to amplify their collective voice.


If you’re a young artist interested in joining our mission, please email us at: