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Town Hall Participant Manual

(as of 4 April 2020)

We do not use Robert’s Rules of Order to govern our meetings, since many members are not familiar with these rules. We are a community forum, observing basic courtesies and everyone who wants to be heard has a chance to speak. We conduct our meetings in earnest solidarity.


A recording of each meeting is made for note-taking purposes only. Upon distribution of the meeting notes, the recording is destroyed. Notes of our Town Hall meetings are available for all AGMA soloists in good standing.


The Soloist Coalition is currently open to all AGMA soloists in good standing. No exceptions will be made at this time.


Once admitted to the Town Hall, all participants must rename themselves (if your name isn’t showing already) in the interest of transparency and full disclosure.  You will have 5 minutes to rename yourself once requested, failure to do so will result in removal from the discussion.  Phone participants, please announce yourself to the facilitator upon entry so that you can be renamed, and steps can be taken to ensure your full participation as functionality on your end is quite limited



There are three ways in which one can participate in this moderated discussion.


1. Type “SPEAK”

If you would like to be added to the microphone queue, please type the word SPEAK in all caps, into the chat window.  Your name will be added to a queue by the assistant and you will be called on to speak in the order you were acknowledged.  The assistant will respond with your NAME in all-caps, and the word “noted.” Once called upon by the meeting facilitator, you will be given one minute to speak.


2. The Raise-hand Feature

If you would like to interject with respect to a particular speaker or subject being discussed, please use the hand-raise feature embedded in your Zoom application.  You will automatically be placed in an interjection queue in the order you raised your hand. [Hand-Raising Demonstration]


Laptop Participants: Found under the “Participants” there is a hand-raise option

Phone App Participants: Found under the “...” in the lower right hand corner of the screen

Dial-in Participants: *9 and the facilitator will lower your hand for you

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