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Standing Committees & Working Groups

Anti-Racism Working Group

The Soloist Coalition (SC) is committed to addressing systemic racism head-on in the classical music industry. 


     We feel it is a moral obligation for our gatekeepers to provide equitable access to fair wages and productive work. 


 We feel it is a moral obligation to speak up for those discriminated against based on their race or ethnicity, who fear retaliation from those in power.


And we feel it is a moral obligation to protect our most vulnerable: young artists and those in the BIPOC community who face enormous barriers to entry that prevent them from achieving their full potential. The SC stands for them. 


We know that anti-racism is not merely a statement, label or identity — it is a practice. As we work to become better advocates for change, we will hold our industry accountable to do the same.

View our open letter regarding Anti-Racism HERE

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