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Facilitators Alminac

Types of Meetings:

Town Hall: These are large meetings (up to 100) meant as a way for the larger soloist coalition to communicate their concerns and ideas to the working groups and founders.

Core Group: These are small meetings (up to ~25) where the actions, ideas, and issues discovered in the Town Hall are addressed to then be passed along the Braintrust or AGMA leadership.


Braintrust: These are even smaller meetings (up to ~15) where the issues of the core group are discussed and addressed to be presented and decided upon by the core croup members. 

Host: Responsible for beginning meeting and setting the space.

Co-Host: Backup in the event host loses internet connectivity.

Facilitator: Manages the discussion.

Assistant: Handles the speaker queue on a shared google doc.

Moderator: All members of the facilitators group will act as chat moderators.

Naming/Preamble roles:

BoG- Board of Governors


YAM- Young Artist Mentorship



MBP - Manager’s Best Practice

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