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Who We Are

Update: At this time, the Soloist Coalition has disbanded. We have hopes that we'll be able to come together again in the future to continue working for Soloist  rights within the opera industry and are VERY proud of the work that we did to make change! 

-In Solidarity, The Soloist Coalition 

The Soloist Coalition (SC) is a group for both AGMA and non-AGMA soloists who have organized to discuss common concerns, identify industry wide problems, and find beneficial solutions as well as collective strategies for action.


Our main goal is to facilitate a consensus among diverse views and unify them into one voice. We do this with total transparency and through a commitment to diversity of thought, experiences, and ideas to move our industry and our union into the future. The SC is proud to bring together a large cross section of soloists across all career levels.

We want you to know we are here, we are listening, and we are your Soloist Coalition.

Please email for more info

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